Health & Safety

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Fog & Lightning

In the event of lightening, suspend play immediately and take appropriate action. [Rule 5-7a applies]. Shelters do not provide adequate protection from lightning. Do not continue to play in fog/poor visibility, when you cannot see the clear distance of your intended shot.


To ensure the safety of all golf course users, buggy drivers are required to comply with the Club’s Buggy Safety Policy and follow this at all times. Take particular care around bunkers and ditches and on slopes.

Golf Buggy Policy
Golf Buggy Safety Policy
Golf Buggy Safe & Responsible Use
Golf Buggy Safety Policy acknowledgement form
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Polisi Diogelwch Bygi
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Greens Staff

The greens staff have priority at all times. Players should always alert greens staff nearby when they are about to make a stroke that might endanger them and wait for staff to move out of the way.

Do not hit balls on the Practice Ground when greens staff are crossing.


Defibrillator is situated outside the Office.